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Disney Fine Art: ”A Little Help from My Friend" by Rodel Gonzalez:)


Disney Fine ArtA Little Help from My Friend" by Rodel Gonzalez:)


Country Bear Jamboree tells it like it is. 


Centaurettes from Disney’s Fantasia


Anna and Elsa on Flickr.

Merida Costume Detail
Hiding behind he mothers nest Roxanne was deep in thought "Man I think I blew it with Holland-sighs- I wish I can do something to say sorry about blowing his cover with the gem" Roxanne suddenly got an idea "I know I'll make him a human for a while-giggles- now I just got to find him" she said as she ran off to find Holland











Holland, Jose, and Scats were sitting on the couch. Holland sat in the middle. He awkwardly tried making conversations with both hoping that Jose would stop being angry and frustrated with Scats behavior. The only one that seemed to be trying (mostly unaware that Jose disliked him) was Scats. Jose only responded with short answers. 


"No worries Scats  and I suppose it because how could a creature like me come from a racing game well that were my tale get’s a bit dark" Wiggly said

Scats: *laughs Nervously* and How did it go?

"Well as you know and saw when we meet I started out as a tiny thing but one day a cybug broke to our game and I was in it’s path knowing to run I ran and I was doing so well outrunning it but then I bumped into something and the next thing I remember I woke up in a cave as a cybrid" Wiggly said  

Scats looked  at her with a bit of uneasiness. He forced a smile and tried his best to seem normal and not to make her too uncomfortable.

Scats: w-wow… t-that is some story.. I-I guess me and my brotha better search for my boy. Right brotha?!

Jose: ah si! We better go get him. Let’s go, Scats.

They fly off to the direction of Holland.

Wiggly lowered her ears she could feel Scats unease “Yeah that’s is how I thought he would react” she said sadly as head lowered and her body flopped to the ground

"Mama you alright?" Split 2 asked to which Wiggly gave no answer 

After several minutes Jose, Scats, and Holland came back. Holland Seemed a lot more calmed now. He looked at each cybug and slightly smiled.

Holland: Hallo.. I am back..

He looks back at the dolls and see’s that they are asleep.

Holland: What is up with them? *looks at Wiggly*.. did I miss something here because you look sad, the dolls, are asleep, and.. *looks at unfamiliar faces* I never seen the rest of you before.

Split 2 once again ducked under the blanket in a panic TJ just waved and X was hiding a laugh Roxanne had fallen asleep a hour ago and Rose Petal was just watching her with puzzlement

LG: These are the rest of my siblings the one under the blanket is Split 2 and the Twins are X and TJ-looks at Wiggly- I dunno what is the matter with mama though”

Wiggly just lay there not even aware of anything in a sadden state

Holland introduced himself and than sat in front of Wiggly and patted her head. 

Holland: Wiggly? wat is er aan de hand? (what’s the matter?) Did someone hurt you?

Scats looked at what was going on with Wiggly. He felt terrible. Like if it was his fault she was sad. He lowered his head and just listened. 

"I’m a freak" she said sadly shaking her head "I’m a horrible freakish Sprite"  

Holland than started laughing.

Holland: a-a freak? Wiggly look around you! Everybody here is a dom freak!  Talking living dolls, robotic looking bug creatures, a cybug tower, talking robotic birds, and a.. dorito girl.. and then there is me. I am not dumb like all of you. Now that is nothing to be upset about..


Whats a Raccoon? by Yoko-Darkpaw